Scott D. Samson

Associate Dept. Chair and Professor
319 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Samson's research includes U-Pb geochronology and Nd-Sr-Pb isotope geochemistry. These techniques are used to address diverse topics ranging from tephrochronology, to unraveling the evolution of orogenic belts, to tracking the birthplaces of suspect terranes.

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Graduate Students

Mariana Bonich

PhD Student
308B Heroy Geology Laboratory
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Christina Lugo-Centeno

MS Student
312 Heroy Geology Laboratory
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Lindsay Blotzer

Master Student - Forensics


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"Isotope ratios; provenance unknown victims; body hair research"

As a forensic science student, I am researching how the 87Sr/86Sr isotope ratio can be used in provenancing human remains based on hair samples. Since most studies rely on scalp hair, I analyze and compare body hair in modern humans to determine any fractionation that may occur in different tissues. I am also conducting a controlled residence change experiment to determine how the 87Sr/86Sr isotope ratio changes over time in human body hair in locations with different underlying bedrock Sr isotope levels. This will be important in criminal investigations when examining remains with no scalp hair and the residence change experiment may have implications for national security.

Undergraduate Students

Ross Salerno

Undergraduate Student
204 Heroy Geology Laboratory
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